Bearhawk Builder's Manuals

For those building a Bearhawk 4-place, Patrol or LSA

Many people have told me that they wish there were detailed instructional builder's manuals for the Bearhawk  or Patrol (especially first time builders). In order to answer that demand, I have developed the following manuals to assist those who would like to have more "how-to" type instructions to follow while building their Bearhawk (Patrol). (note:  These manuals are designed primarily for those building the Bearhawk or Patrol from plans, however there is a lot of valuable information that would apply to Bearhawk kit builder's, as well as anyone building a similar aircraft).  

These manuals were  originally written while plans-building a 4-Place Bearhawk, however most of the building techniques, jigs and parts are the same for the Patrol.  Bob Barrows has indicated that the 4-place and Patrol are similar enough that the manuals can be used for either one.  Whether you use these manuals to build a 4-place or a Patrol, pay close attention to the plans as you go and build to the plans.

Volume 1  - WINGS
Over 200 pages of detailed instructions, with approximately 400 full color pictures - detailing the construction of the wings including:  all jigs and formblocks, forming the ribs, assembly of the basic skeleton, fabricating all the wing steel parts, skinning the wings, riveting, making the ailerons & flaps, fitting the ailerons and flaps to the wing, fuel tank construction and leak testing, installing the fuel tanks in the wings, and much, much more.

Volume 2  - FUSELAGE
Over 250 pages and 450 full color pictures - Detailing the jigging and welding of the basic fuselage frame, building and fitting the main landing gear, brakes, shock struts, tail wheel construction (Bob wheel), building and fitting of the tail surfaces (including trim tabs), control sticks, rudder pedals , flap handle and much more.

Volume 3  - FINISH
All of the final finishing and assembly including firewall forward installation, plumbing the fuel and brake lines, electrical systems and instrument panel, fitting and rigging the wings to the fuselage, rigging control surfaces, fabric covering, painting and first flights including Phase 1 flight testing.

These manuals have been reviewed, audited and approved by designer Bob Barrows!

The Bearhawk Builder Manuals contain:

  • Detailed, numbered instructions on building every part of your Bearhawk.  
  • These manuals are laid out in a logical step-by-step fashion, that guides you through every step with simple, easy to understand instructions.  
  • Hundreds of full color photos, showing every step of the construction process in vivid detail.
  • Complete tool lists of the tools needed to build the Bearhawk.
  • Reference articles on riveting, welding, metal handling, and other "must-know" skills.
  • Take the CD to any Office Supply store and have it printed and bound or do it yourself at home.
  • Take it to the shop with you so you can reference the manual while building.
  • Sign and Date the bottom of each section as you complete it and the manual becomes your builder's log.

Save money by downloading the manuals ($30 each) or buy the CD ($35 each) and print them out on your own computer, - its your choice.

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Here are are few testimonials from people who have purchased a builder's manual:

"I just received my copy of the Builder's Manual (Volume I - Wings) and already, I recommend it. So far, I have just had time to thumb through it but that is enough time to know it is going to be a great help. Good job the and thanks."-  Fred Spain

"My copy of the Bearhawk Builder’s Manual, Volume I Wings just arrived in the mail. Very nice job the, and thanks for making this available!" -  Joe Messina

"If your like me and have never built an airplane before, I heartily recommend the Bearhawk Builders Manual. It is well worth the money. Thanks for putting that together, it helps fill in lots of gaps." - Chris Bristow

"The manual is everything as advertised and will assist me a great deal as I begin constructing my own Bearhawk. The text is clear and understandable and the pictures are excellent. Thank you for sharing your experiences and documenting them in such a concise manner. I truly look forward to the completion of volumes 2 and 3."  -  Marc Eischeid

"Thanks for the manual. It is a gift from heaven. I'm busy patrolling the border so the time saved in figuring things out is of immense value." - D.Mabe

"Got my wing construction manual yesterday. I've done a lot of different projects over the years, but thought the manual might save me some time. I wasn't wrong. Great job on the manual! Good time saver in organizing and planning sequence of construction." - M. Haught

"Just got my Bearhawk Builder’s Manual Volume II (Fuselage) from the the a few days ago, I also have Volume I (wings). I’ve been a regular viewer of website. I would have to say that the website is clearly just a teaser, the manuals are the real deal. The manuals are not just a reprint of the website, they are the details that you wish you had more of after viewing the website. I decided to do a test of the’s latest manual similar to what I did with Erbman's latest CD. I went to the chapter that had the info for the landing gear strut construction. The information was very thorough and easy to follow. Much more information than is provided on the website. It is a real confidence builder to have this information in hand. The entire manual is laid out well and obviously well thought out. The Builders manual along with Russ’s reference CD could be considered a combined source of information for “building a Bearhawk for dummies.” Both provide easy to understand information for any builder regardless of personal abilities. Both compliment each other and go well hand in hand. The Manuals should be in every scratch and kit builders library. Nice job – I’m looking forward to Volume III." - Wayne Massey

"I just received my Bearhawk building manuals ....WOW!! Great job!! These manuals will pay for themselves many times over
in time savings alone." - Kevin Seuferer

"Now a long overdue thanks for your excellent , excellent wing builders manual. Not only does it answer the majority of questions while working on a task, it allows the builder to see the tasks and projects that lay ahead. The pictures are clear, the text well written. It has been a welcome companion in my shop. Thanks again."  - Arnie

"Thanks. I received the manuals New Year's Eve and spent several hours pouring over them. They clarify a lot that I was scratching my head about. I was going to order the wing components kit from Budd but they wouldn't go out until May. With the manuals I can proceed with more confidence now and save some money to buy more tools. Thanks again for a great job." - Tom#596

"I just downloaded the BH wing manual. At $30.00 each, these manuals have to be the best deal in general aviation, no matter what kind of airplane you are building! Excellent photos, and very well written! I was pleased to see that I could pay with PayPal, and was printing my new manual within 5 minutes of downloading it! Word of advice, if you don't already have the latest edition of Acrobat Reader, for the PDF files, download it before you order the manual. It's free, and they even provide a direct link to Adobe for convenience sake. Thanks Again! Where do find the time?????" - Doc Leathers

Now available by Download or on a CD to save you money. That's right, you can get your manuals right now by downloading them to your computer or purchase them on a CD.  Save the manuals on your computer's hard drive and then print them out yourself or just keep them on your computer to reference whenever you want. The download option is GREAT for international customers to save on shipping and wait time for the manuals to arrive.

You now have two options for purchasing your Bearhawk Builder's Manuals

1.  Order the CD's and print the manuals if you wish. 


2. Get your manuals instantly by downloading them. 

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