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News Flash -We now offer the Tundra version with a large tire for rugged back-country flying in all conditions.

Home of the original Bearhawk and Patrol tailwheels!

Designed for Back-Country Flying!

Available in two styles (leaf spring mount or tapered rod mount) in 8" , 10" or Tundra

Bearhawk designer Bob Barrows has personally overseen the process of tooling up for the production of these tailwheels to assure accuracy, quality and proper operation. You and your tailwheel will benefit from the active and direct involvement of the design engineer, with 40+ years of engineering expertise and 4,000+ hours of actual tailwheel time.  Bob is endorsing these tailwheels, so he is heavily involved with the testing and quality control. His reputaion is riding on it, so he wants it done right.

See our ALL-NEW TUNDRA  tailwheel below.  This one is wider and larger than our standard tailwheels.  The tire is a 400x4 tire thats 12" tall and 4" wide for serious off airport operaions.  The Tundra has beefed up forks and cross tube for extra strength.Click here for more info.